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We are a Canadian website that promotes environmental conservation and stewardship through digital imagery and our style of eco-sensitivity. Featured are amateur photo enthusiasts and nature adventurers who live in 'North of 60' Canada, as well as northern visitors. Photographs and photo tours are used to create portraits of northern places of interest and ecological significance, linking themes of eco-appreciation, environmental care and stewardship.

Our message is simple: This place is important. . .it matters to us.

All photos are digitally enhanced. To the best of our knowledge, no photo contains images or colours from other photos. Cloning is minimized and is usually used to remove things like telephone wires or to put trees in front of windows.

The website design and coding is original and is maintained by contributing photographers, northern writers web design coders. From time to time, things may look out of place, out of date, or simply odd. This is generally due to web maintenance time constraints. Few errors go unnoticed; repair and upgrading is prioritized.

All this aside, we love to talk to our patrons about visiting the north. If you have any questions or want to learn more about travelling in the North, in particular, to visit places you've seen in our photographs, please feel free to contact us at Then we can establish the best way to communicate. (Oui. Nous parlons francais).

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This website does not earn profits and business revenues in excess of $1.00 CAD per month are reported to website contributers, Revenue Canada, and in certain cases, employers are notified. The website is maintained for the benefit of Mother Earth and the human vision of places that are beautiful and natural.

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