ICE ROAD — Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk

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The ice road on Beaufort Sea

A pingo rises from land on the Beaufort Sea delta.

The shoreline of Tuktoyaktuk on the horizon

The start of the ice road to Inuvik

Tuktoyaktuk—The Shoreline

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Time in Tuktoyaktuk was short, though a few photographs were managed. I didn’t know that much about the community, other than some reading I’d done on regional socio-economics; also, what I learned from northerners who were familiar with the setting. Like most visitors, I wanted to see more Pingos, but upon entering Tuktoyaktuk there were clusters of rustic wooden structures and beached boats along the frozen ocean beach which had to be admired; also, there were a number of historical churches, and a wooden boat monument that was locked in 2 feet of snow.

Not many people were out and about, which might have been due to the cold, minus 35 temperatures. In any case, secluded, faraway places have innate rhythm and flow which goes unnoticed by the residents. Town knowledge is shared by residents and the town’s people and events are in sync. But as a visitor out of season, I was not in sync, and therefore stood out, boldly. Clad in a bright red parka, the emblem of curious visitors from the south, I was afforded the attention and interest that was shown to a visitor, at that time and place in Tuktoyaktuk.

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