50 Pound Lake trout.  Caught by Lisa Lowman50 Pound Lake Trout

Species: Salvelinus namaycush

This spectacular fish is a Canadian lake trout—a fresh water member of the salmon family. Lake trout can live long and prosperous lives in the great inland lakes of the north, maturing slowly and gaining size in Arctic cold water. In the great Arctic Inland Lakes they can live as long as 70 years.

Reference: Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Thrilled biologist, and northern angler, Lisa Lowman, estimates this trout to be 50 years old. The healthy fish was released after taking the picture.

Photo credit: Chris Meger  

Monster Pike.  Photographed by Kevin Hynes Monster Northern Pike

Species: Esox lucius

Yellowknifers Todd Farrer, who is a local developer seen holding the pike, boatman Kevin Hynes handling the fish cradle and photographer Aaron Laborde, set out on the cold waters of the Canadian North to try some pike fishing.

Says Todd Farrer:
“The fishing up here is world class. We caught 6 pike over 20 pounds; the 2 biggest were 35 pounds, at a minimum! There were lots of smaller pike as well, throughout the day. It was amazing. I was having the most luck on a chrome lure (with barbless capture), in about 12 feet of water. We let them all go, except one smaller pike, which we ate. Kevin Hynes battered and pan fried the fish. Having never tasted it before, I would have to say it was the best freshwater fish I’ve ever eaten. “

Photo credits: Aaron Laborde ©

Eco-Fishing Freshwater Giants

This photo feature looks at monster northern pike and lake trout caught using the evolving practice of eco-fishing—sustainable fishing techniques that favour avoiding harm to the fish over getting it into the boat.


Photos courtesy of Hearne Lake Lodge

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Record Size Chum Salmon

Species: Oncorhynchus keta

Caught by Paul Vescei along some river in the Yukon.

Photo 2007 courtesy of unidentified photographer ©