Monster Pike

A huge, healthy northern pike specimen, caught and realeased back to cold pristine waters. . .more
Photograph credit and copyright Aaron Laborde

Monster Pike 330-2

Ecological Themes and PhotoTours

Moose on the Loose

Bull moose.  Click to open
Impressive images of a bull moose splashing though a boreal wetland marsh.
Courtesy Hearne Lake Lodge

Boreal WetlandsWetlands.  Click to open

Images of lakes, wetlands and boreal ecology along popular highways in northern Alberta and the NWT.

Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk
Ice RoadTuk ice road.  Click to open

Scenic stops along the ice road between Inuvik & Tuktoyaktuk, including community sights.

White Winter PtarmiganWhite winter ptarmigan.  Click to open

Images of winter willow ptarmigan captured in northern communities.

Winter Scenes

Winter Scenes.  Click to openWhite winter trees and snow capped northern landscapes

Taiga PhotosTaiga.  Click top open

Scenery, Landscape, and Flowers, typical to Taiga Biome ecology.

Trophy Size FishTrophy fish.  Click to open

Images of some huge fresh water fish, captured, then released.

Tin Can HillTin Can Hill.  Click to open

Linking to, for a photo tribute to the rocky reserve beside downtown Yellowknife.

Winter Landscape
WallpaperWinter Landscape.  Click to open

High Resolution Computer Backgrounds and Screen Savers

Spring Melt WaterSpring melt water.  Click to open

Cold springtime rivers along the Ingraham Trail, NWT

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